Who is CFE?
Posted 1 year ago

Who is CFE?

I’ve been thinking about this since I decided to start my Blogging again. My thoughts were, “I hate resumes.” I’m not a fan of putting my resume out there or bragging about my accomplishments. However, I feel like they are a great way to start, so people don’t just think I’m some weirdo for running a very long way.

During my second deployment to Iraq I started to like running. Before that I wasn’t interested in running longer than I had to for the Marines. While I was in Iraq I started to do laps around our camp when we were back restocking gear, calling home, and getting some rest. That’s when my passion was born. After returning back from a hard deployment mentally and physically I started to run a lot. I signed up for some 5k’s and half marathons. Nothing crazy yet! Then I got the idea to run 36 miles, without ever running a marathon. Great idea right? I struggled walking for the next two weeks.

After I thought running was getting too easy for me, I decided to try triathlons. I bought a bike from Walmart and signed up for my first Sprint triathlon. Landed on the podium, returned the bike to Walmart, and then headed straight for the bike shop. I’ve completed tons of triathlons from sprints to the full Ironman distance. After I competed in Ironman Cozumel I found CrossFit. CrossFit became the platform that I would use to train for my triathlons. Not more triathlon specific training. I came to realize how important strength training was for Endurance Athletes. After 6 months of being a newbie in CrossFit I gained 40lbs and shaved off 45 minutes at the Miami 70.3. I was hooked on CrossFit!

I’m still using CrossFit as my primary method, but now my focus has switched to Ultramarathons. Ultramarathons being the distance beyond 26.2 miles. Last year I completed two Ultras. I did a 6 hour race, run as far as you can and a 50 Mile Ultra in Northern Wisconsin. I'll leave those adventures for another blog.

Why I do what I do? 

Understanding in a few short paragraphs where I have come from, the question becomes where am I going? I feel like there is a lot of chaos in the World. I feel like a lot of people are going through really hard times. I feel like everyone can use more mental toughness, to help fight through these hard times. So I have been challenging myself to show one person that they can fight through what they’re going through. Obviously, it’s a personal struggle to make it through the Ultramarathons. But for me it’s more about the people I intend to inspire. The people who are in the fight for their life. The people who need someone to grind hard with them. To show them they can make it through this hard time!


In 2018, I will be running in the Cellcom 26.2, the North Face 50 Miler, and the Hennepin 100 Miler. I have been training for the Cellcom for two months now. April 1st, I switched to training for the 100 miler. I’m using these other races to challenge myself mentally and physically, but also to use this as part of my journey to changing lives. Please follow my journey. Share my journey with those who you think can benefit from it. Post comments, send me messages, and cheer me on. This is not going to be easy. But I want to change one person’s life in this process! I’m not going to quit until I do that!