Ian White
Posted 8 months ago

Ian White

With all the pounds and inches he's lost, with him competing in his very first CrossFit open just after the new you program and all his hard work, we want to feature Ian White as February Athlete of the Month! Stoked to keep getting to know you and watch you grow in your health!

Age: 38

How long you’ve CrossFitted for: 2 1/2 months

What got you started with CrossFit: ad on facebook 

How has CrossFit impacted your lifestyle? its a complete change of living with working out and nutrition 

What would be your ultimate achievement? to look and feel young

I could do wall balls all day long. 

The CrossFit move I despise is burpees or pullups.

Someone new coming to CrossFit, what would be your best piece of advice?
Know its not easy. Just do what they ask.

Kristin Zepnick
Posted 9 months ago

Kristin Zepnick

Just about two years ago, Kristin decided that health was not an option and she dove into taking care of herself. With the motivation of her sisters, she got involved in CrossFit One Shot. Shortly after that, her mom joined as well (with bi-lateral knee replacements) and these girls have been killing it ever since! Aside from being consistent with the regular CrossFit classes, Kristin has found a strong passion for our Olympic Weightlifting class---and has been crushing numbers with her Oly lifts! She’s come to learn that STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL.

Oh, and this mama of two just lost 6.2 pounds and 14.25 inches from our January Whole30/Flex Challenge! Keep up the great work girl!

Age: 32

How long you’ve CrossFitted for: 2 years in March

What got you started with CrossFit:
my seestas Kalyn (beast) and Joelle (jojos)

How has CrossFit impacted your marriage, your lifestyle and your relationship with your kids?
I have energy I didn't even know I could have! I have two very active boys and they keep me on my toes. I love that I am able to keep up with them. My husband loves that I am passionate about being in better shape and is my biggest inspiration/supporter.

What would be your ultimate achievement?
Kipping pull ups (no band of course)....or lift like Jane Daelke 👍

I could do heavy deadlifts/squats all day long. It's the bootay 😱

The CrossFit move I despise is burpees....but the more and more we do them the better I get!

Someone new coming to CrossFit, what would be your best piece of advice?
Be open to the experience. Know that each time you see a workout you CAN and WILL be able to Do it. Get outside of your comfort zone! you have the best coaches/fellow athletes around that will always have your back and push you to do your very best!

Trevor Anderson
Posted 1 year ago

Trevor Anderson

This guy leading the pack right here >>> TREVOR ANDERSON. Our athlete of the week! Trevor bring so much inspiration to CrossFit One Shot, he rocks a sick mustache, struts his stuff with confidence in his ranger panties & is the true definition of someone who loves PBR. We are so stoked that you decided to share your fitness journey with us & we love when you're running around being a badass with your ruck sacks mid-WOD!

Age: 30

How long you’ve CrossFitted for:
10 Months

What got you started with CrossFit?
Wanted to better myself and continue to push my limits with fitness.

How has CrossFit impacted your training for other events?
CrossFit has helped me improve on the Army Physical Fitness Test and with my running.  Since I started CrossFit I increased my Army Physical Fitness Test score by 15 points and set some PR's for running for 1 mile split, 2 mile time, 5k, and half marathon. 

I could do deadlifts all day long (and now pull ups that I can finally do them).

The CrossFit move I despise is:  I hate doing front squats.  My elbows and wrist don't like them haha.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone just starting CrossFit?
Never give up and chase your fitness dreams.  Put in the hard work and you'll be amazed with the results.  Also never attempt 3 Murph WOD's in a row.  

Fun fact: The most I ever ran in a short time was 118 miles over 10 days.  Took part in a virtual ultra marathon that had race distances from 1.5 miles to 50 miles.  The 50 miles was the hardest part since I had to self support myself and had to carry all my gear and water in my ruck sack.  Took me just over 13 hours to complete the 50 miles.

Dennis (DJ Deno) & Dana Murray
Posted 1 year ago

Dennis (DJ Deno) & Dana Murray

This couple trades off the days they workout. If one of them isn't here, chances are the other one is! 515am is their specialty, but every now and then they join the night time crew! Typically, DJ Deno gets to come all the days we do any type of squatting (because we know he secretly loves to squat)  

Age:  early 30's

How long you’ve CrossFitted for:  A little over a year

What got you started with CrossFit?  
Dana: I finally gave in to Coach Karisa to try it out and was instantly hooked!  It only took a few weeks of talking about it at home, then Deno joined.

How has CrossFit impacted your marriage?  
It has made us a stronger couple!  We meal prep together, work out together, and support each other.  Crossfit makes you feel unstoppable and always leaves you wanting more!!!

I could do ____________ all day long.
Dana: squats
Deno: press & pull-ups 

The CrossFit move I despise is:
Dana: burpees
Deno: overhead squats - hates 'em and will tell anyone who is listening

What’s your best piece of advice for someone just starting CrossFit?
Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, you are in competition with yourself not others!  There is no room for self-doubt!!

Fun fact:  We have been together since high school  - the secret to a long relationship is wit, sarcasm, and laughter!!!

Bill & Shannon Mobley
Posted 1 year ago

Bill & Shannon Mobley

It’s time for a COUPLE FEATURE! Two of some of our most loyal members, Bill and Shannon Mobley. We absolutely love that CrossFit One Shot has become your meeting place for discussing your kids, playing catch up when working separate shifts, and for sharing your parenting advice with all of us new ones, when you’ve been around the block a few times! They’ve got the most kids in the gym and the most pets—oh, and Bill was Prom King. That’s a celebration in itself!

Bill: 46 yrs 7 months
Shannon: 46 yrs 4 months

How long you’ve been CrossFitting:
Bill: 1 yr 4 months
Shannon: 1 yr 10 months

What got you started with CrossFit?
Bill: my wife nagged me for months until I finally gave in.
Shannon: I knew I needed to start strength training and Norm had been asking me to try a class with her for months. I was scared but finally gave in and have never looked back!

How has CrossFit impacted your marriage?
Bill & Shannon: We love working out together. We bond over the pain during the workout and the soreness after. It's so much more fun to complain about our workouts when the other person knows what we're talking about. It has also made Feats of Strength Night at the Mobley household so much more interesting!

What movement could you do all day long?
Shannon: I love push press and deadlift!
Bill: I agree with her.

What movement do you despise?
Shannon: My heart sinks when I see wall balls in a WOD.
Bill: Thrusters can go to hell!

What’s your best piece of advice for someone just starting CrossFit?
Shannon: Buy the shoes, wrist wraps, shaker bottle and Progenex right away!
Bill: If you can make it through the 1st 3 weeks of soreness you might actually survive.

Fun fact:
Bill: I own 80,000 comic books.
Shannon: I'm left-handed and married to a guy who owns 80,000 comic books!

Wendy Perkl
Posted 1 year ago

Wendy Perkl

Athlete of the Week says she CrossFit's because it's fun, there's diverse workouts and there's a strong sense of community with athletes! We love having your bright shining face Wendy!

Age: 57 ... it's just a number :-)

How long you’ve CrossFitted for: Almost a year

What got you started with CrossFit: My daughters Kristin, Kalyn, and Joelle. A year and a half prior to joining I had both my knees replaced. My whole life I exercised 4 -6 days a week at home. Weight lifting, cardio ... etc. I don't like gyms. But after my surgery I didn't know how to move forward. I got "fluffier" and needed to get moving again. Kalyn had me come as a guest and I loved it!!! I am blessed to enjoy a great workout (WOD) and spend time with my daughters (when schedules allow) and now my new "friends".

What’s your ultimate goal with fitness? Get stronger, keep moving :-), work on flexibility which has become a tad bit difficult.

I could do: Rowing all day long.

The CrossFit move I despise is: NONE :-)everything that is difficult and hard I get to modify due to my physical limitations :-) 

What’s your best piece of advice for someone just starting CrossFit? ALWAY stay in the back! Two reasons: #1 so no one is looking at your butt as you are doing dead-lifts etc. , #2 more important is that you will have the advantage to see in front of you how to do the "all new" movements you are still learning.