12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Alece Fogg
Posted 8 months ago

1. The hardest CrossFit movement for me to learn was… ALL OF THEM hahahaha…
probably the thruster? No, it’s the one where you snatch it and put it over head… Power snatch

2. Something I like to do the old-fashioned way… write down a to-do list (like to physically write lists)…or recipes on note cards

3. I could give a 40-minute presentation on… why my dog is the best dog in the world (miniature daschound)… with absolutely no preparation.

4. My go-to story to tell people about my family/siblings is… every time I talk about my sister, when we were in elementary school, she wore a tiara and I ran away from her because I was so embarrassed of her.. she literally thought she was a princess.

5. I love the smell of… the ocean.

6. If I could have one superpower… I would want to fly.

7. My role model is… Court and Chase!

8. I get really, really freaked by… heights. (My parents had to trick me to go on rollercocasters when I was younger)

9. One of my weirdest traits is… sometimes I snort when I laugh.

10. My party trick is… breakout in the twerk.

11. My favorite movie… Step Brothers

12. The most amazing adventure I’d like to go on… I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. That’s my dream vacation.