12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Betti Ann Short
Posted 1 year ago

1. I always carry… a scissors.

2. The weirdest trait I have… is that I have this uncanny ability to remember silly facts and trivia.

3. The hardest CrossFit movement for me to learn.. was and still is running.

4. The advice I would tell my younger self is… be honest and kind.

5. My favorite child hood memory is… swimming at my mothers home.

6. The best piece of advice I’ve received… never to give up.

7. My secret talent is… that I can tap dance.

8. My favorite movie ever is… “The Sandlot”.

9. Something that might surprise you about myself is.. my ability to recall certain facts just after hearing it one time.

10. The worst job I ever had was… being a dishwasher.

11. My favorite workout song is… where the freaks are.

12. My claim to fame is... being a really good psychiatric nurse.