12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Brian Chapman
Posted 8 months ago

1. I used to be superstitious.... had to wear the tall black socks for basketball.

2. Something I like to do the old-fashioned way… make popcorn.

3. The best book or series I’ve ever read was… when I was younger I read almost every John Grisham book I could find. It's mostly work related reading now.

4. I could give a 40-minute presentation on… foot types and shoe selection… with absolutely no preparation.

5. The thing(s) I’d tell my younger self… travel more.

6. I love the smell of… fresh cut grass.

7. I strongly dislike…painting. We painted every room in our house after moving in and now I never want to see a paint brush again

8. My favorite childhood memory is… building forts and climbing trees with friends, fishing with my brother, Dad, and Grandpa.

9. The best piece of advice I ever got was... the same principles used for training your dog can be used for raising your children.

10. My go-to story to tell about my early twenties… sneaking into Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee when my friends and I were 19-20 and my friend won $2600 playing a table game. We left quickly after that.

11. The most amazing adventure I’d like to go on... backpacking Europe or kayaking Vancouver Island.

12. The website I visit most often… ESPN.