12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Dave Smith
Posted 1 year ago

1. Something I like to do the old-fashioned way... I actually enjoy buying a newspaper and reading through it while getting coffee and breakfast. Trick is to not check the news on your phone the day or 2 before.

2. The song I know every word to is... I have to admit I am terrible with lyrics but every family wedding I am counted on to sing build me up buttercup with my aunt.

3. My go-to story to tell people about my family is... Tough one but with one of my nieces just receiving her first communion, the story of my youngest sister starting her veil on fire during her first communion has been brought up lately. It was hilarious!!

4. I love the smell of... bonfires!!!!

5. My role model is... My parents are pretty great people to model myself after. They certainly have a great combination of enjoying life and working hard!!

6. I really really... don't like birds in enclosed spaces or tight quarters.

7. Before I started my new fitness journey I... sometimes thought I was working out hard but actually never was apparently lol

8. My most prized physical possession is... My house. I live in the shadow of Lambeau Field... 10-12 days a year it is a great time.

9. The most annoying habit I can't stand is... duck lip pictures????

10. I am absolutely determined to... travel to every NFL stadium to watch the Packers play. I find it a fun one to see the country by going to road game each year so far have been to 7 road stadiums!!!

11. The person who inspires me to be better is... my older sister Devinn who has been on me to join CrossFit ever since she started 3-4 years ago. Glad she kept on me!

12. My party is trick... lol It's honestly fitting this kids helmet on my head during packer tailgates. You have to see it lol