12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Frances Schaetz
Posted 8 months ago

1. One of my weirdest traits is… that I can only drink orange juice with a straw.

2. My go-to story to tell people about my family/siblings is… when my brother, dad and I tricked Craig into shooting a fake deer on opening day of deer hunting season.

3. The thing(s) I’d tell my younger self… don’t keep toxic friendships in your life because they’re not worth it.

4. I love the smell of… freshly baked cookies!

5. My favorite childhood memory is… when my family and I were fishing on our dock and I was just learning how to cast. I attempted to cast my lure as far as I could, but I stepped too far forward and ended up falling off the dock and losing my fishing pole.

6. My role model is… my sister, Jane.

7. I strongly dislike... when people scare me.

8. The secret talent I have is… that I can wiggle my ears.

9. One of the best jobs I ever had was… being a zookeeper at Doc’s Harley Davidson.

10. My claim to fame outside of being the best CrossFitter at CrossFit One Shot is… “Your ass!” - Jane

11. I used to be superstitious... about not saying a wish at 11:11.

12. My biggest gym pet peeve is... when people stand in front of the door and block the runners’ way inside.