12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Frankie Destache
Posted 8 months ago

1. One of my weirdest traits is… I can’t chew gum in a bathroom…I have to spit it out. All I think is “bad particles in the air!!!!” Even at home.

2. Something I like to do the old-fashioned way… always get a kiss before bedtime!

3. My go-to story to tell about my early twenties… on 21st birthday we went out in a limo and the limo got towed, because our limo driver was in the bar with us. (and there was two people passed out inside and they towed it!) In Green Bay, downtown!

4. The best book or series I’ve ever read was… The Night Trilogy (Holocaust).

5. The last time I cried was… two nights ago, final episode of Sons of Anarchy.

6. I love the smell of… Lilacs.

7. My favorite childhood memory is… my dad was a truck driver so we’d go to Disney every year in his semi with our bed in back and fridge!

8. I’m always carrying… Lipstick and earrings (I’ll always throw earrings in even on a Sunday at home!)

9. My party trick is… BONGING BEERS!

10. My claim to fame outside of being the best CrossFitter at CrossFit One Shot is… Dancer, she can drop it low. The move I’m most known for is called scrubbing the floor.

11. The most amazing adventure I’d like to go on... Europe (European tours where you see a bunch of countries)

12. What’s something I would never guess about you?... Literally blind without contacts or glasses (carries back up glasses!) I’ll never get lasik because I’m afraid they’ll zap out my pupil.