12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Gregg Mills
Posted 8 months ago

1. The song I know every word to… Cats and the cradle by Cat Stevens 

2. The worst job I’ve ever had… Welding and Insulating.

3. People are always surprised that… I’m into golf and own a driving range.

4. Before I started my fitness journey I… Did nothing. Felt sorry for myself and felt like life was on the decline. Finding CrossFit One Shot was a god send.

5. I strongly dislike… Know it all’s and critics.

6. My proudest moment was… Becoming a father and watching them grow up to be successful.

7. My favorite movie… Cool hand Luke.

8. The most amazing adventure I would go on is… Be on the amazing race show.

9. My favorite CrossFit movement is… Back squat.

10. My current fitness goal is… to lose 100 lbs this year.

11. My role model is… A lady at work who has run 27 marathons in a row (one every year) and she is 59 years old.

12. The best party about CrossFit One Shot is… The people, the coaches, everyone gets along and it’s a great community. Everyone pushes each other. It feels like I’m on the show cheers when I walk in and everybody says Gregg! Its like a second home.