12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Jessica Gorenc
Posted 1 year ago

1. The hardest CrossFit movement for me to learn was… and still is a huge challenge: push jerk

2. Something I like to do the old-fashioned way… balance my check book and pay my bills with checks.

3. I love the smell of… FRESH CUT GRASS

4. I strongly dislike… disrespect and rudeness

5. I get really, really freaked by… hearing noises in my house when I’m home alone

6. The worst job I ever had.. fucking BEST BUY

7. My favorite workout song is… Cinderella Man - Eminem

8. My most prized physical possession is… a framed picture of the card my grandma gave my grandpa on their wedding day.

9. I used to be superstitious.. use to be? I am extremely superstitious.

10. I am absolutely determined to.. in the gym: get a damn bar muscle up.  In life: get my doctorate degree in nursing.

11. The person who inspires me to be better is... my kids; because they do what they see

12. I can’t live without my… mascara