12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Nikki Rose
Posted 1 year ago

1. One of my weirdest traits is… All of them.

2. The movement I am currently trying to nail down is… An unmodified burpee lol.

3. The song I know every word to is… Almost every song from the 80s to now.

4. I love the smell of… New carpet.

5. I strongly dislike… People who complain but aren't willing to take action to change.

6. If I could have one superpower… Invisibility, I need to know what goes on in Area 51.

7. My favorite movie… Nightmare Before Christmas.

8. The song I belt out most in the car… Don't stop believing.

9. I get really, really freaked out by… People.

10. The best job I ever had was/is… Current, Probation and Parole Agent.

11. The thing(s) I’d tell my younger self… Never be afraid to ask for help.

12. My favorite thing to do besides CrossFit is… Travel!