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Ian White
Posted 2 years ago

Ian White

With all the pounds and inches he's lost, with him competing in his very first CrossFit open just after the new you program and all his hard work, we want to feature Ian White as February Athlete of the Month! Stoked to keep getting to know you and watch you grow in your health!

Age: 38

How long you’ve CrossFitted for: 2 1/2 months

What got you started with CrossFit: ad on facebook 

How has CrossFit impacted your lifestyle? its a complete change of living with working out and nutrition 

What would be your ultimate achievement? to look and feel young

I could do wall balls all day long. 

The CrossFit move I despise is burpees or pullups.

Someone new coming to CrossFit, what would be your best piece of advice?
Know its not easy. Just do what they ask.