Matt Kennedy
Posted 11 months ago

Matt Kennedy
Age: 29

Recruited through the Spartan Race 6 week Challenge, Matt was just looking for a way to ramp up his training to complete a Spartan Race. Well, the trifecta, actually. Through CrossFit One Shot, Matt's goals are a little different than the average joe's. He is more endurance focused, wanting to train for races all while trying to gain weight and "bulk up" a bit. His night crew has become a second family to him and he loves to gain weight in primarily his back squat.

Occupation: Assembly at Ariens company

Where were you in your fitness journey before CrossFit?
Before crossfit I hadn't gone to the gym in a year. The last time I consistently ran would have been 11 years ago in track, and I only joined that to do pole vaulting.

What things have you accomplished since you’ve started CrossFit?
Since I started CrossFit I have completed 2 Spartan races, a tough murder half, ran 3 5ks and a 10k and just completed my first half marathon.

Where are you headed in the next year or longer with fitness and life?
In the next year I hope to complete the Spartan trifecta, run the fall 50, and complete a full marathon.

If you got to program a workout, what would it be?
Strength: 3x5 back squat
WOD: 15min AMRAP: 10 burpees, 10 pull ups, 10 sit ups, 10 box jumps

Power cleans. I need to work on standing properly.

Give us a fun fact about yourself…
I have a twin sister.

If zombies were to attack the gym, what would you do?
I would climb the rope and swing to the top of the office to escape.