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Trevor Anderson
Posted 2 years ago

Trevor Anderson

This guy leading the pack right here >>> TREVOR ANDERSON. Our athlete of the week! Trevor bring so much inspiration to CrossFit One Shot, he rocks a sick mustache, struts his stuff with confidence in his ranger panties & is the true definition of someone who loves PBR. We are so stoked that you decided to share your fitness journey with us & we love when you're running around being a badass with your ruck sacks mid-WOD!

Age: 30

How long you’ve CrossFitted for:
10 Months

What got you started with CrossFit?
Wanted to better myself and continue to push my limits with fitness.

How has CrossFit impacted your training for other events?
CrossFit has helped me improve on the Army Physical Fitness Test and with my running.  Since I started CrossFit I increased my Army Physical Fitness Test score by 15 points and set some PR's for running for 1 mile split, 2 mile time, 5k, and half marathon. 

I could do deadlifts all day long (and now pull ups that I can finally do them).

The CrossFit move I despise is:  I hate doing front squats.  My elbows and wrist don't like them haha.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone just starting CrossFit?
Never give up and chase your fitness dreams.  Put in the hard work and you'll be amazed with the results.  Also never attempt 3 Murph WOD's in a row.  

Fun fact: The most I ever ran in a short time was 118 miles over 10 days.  Took part in a virtual ultra marathon that had race distances from 1.5 miles to 50 miles.  The 50 miles was the hardest part since I had to self support myself and had to carry all my gear and water in my ruck sack.  Took me just over 13 hours to complete the 50 miles.