Matt Jadin
Posted 1 year ago

Matt Jadin

Age: 37

How long you’ve CrossFitted for: 4 months  

What got you started with CrossFit? I took part in a couple CrossFit One Shot events as a staff member of myTEAM TRIUMPH. I loved the atmosphere, so when my new job allowed me the schedule flexibility, and my health was deteriorating to the point where I needed to make a serious change, I realized that I needed to get into that supportive atmosphere on a regular basis.  

What successes have you seen thus far? I’ve been making some pretty big jumps in weight for a few different lifts, push press and both front and back squats in particular. The biggest success is in my overall physical health. I recently had my annual physical exam. The lab results came back better than they’ve been in 3 yrs – which was when I was in my peak running form putting in ~50 miles a week. I’m 100% certain that the reason my numbers are as good as they are is a direct result of my time with CrossFit One Shot. I keep getting up for those 5:15 am classes because of how much I love the coaches and fellow CrossFitters. I’m incredibly blessed to be involved with so many good people.  

What would be your ultimate achievement? One muscle up. On a larger scale, an Ironman triathlon or a 100 mile mountain trail run.  

I could do running (literally) all day long. I love rowing and doing all of the Olympic lifts too.  

The CrossFit move I despise is burpees.

Kelly Schweda
Posted 1 year ago

Kelly Schweda

>CrossFitting for... 1 year

>Workout number... 184 (since Jan 1 2015)

>Weight lost... 57 pounds

>Waist loss... 7.75"

>Hips loss... 15.25"

>Legs loss... 4"

>Two 5Ks, one half marathon, a CrossFit competition, nutrition guidance, mandatory rest days, a lot of tears from box jumps/Burpees/and feeling of defeat at first . . .


If anyone needs motivation and is feeling defeated, this is the girl to talk to! ☝🏻️