Like at our CrossFit One Shot location, our Corporate Wellness programs are founded on the principles of fitness, community, accountability, and quality coaching. We are changing the dynamics of Corporate Wellness with our community-based functional fitness programs, and currently have corporate programs in action. Our Corporate Wellness programs provides employees with quality coaching, that will facilitate a team building atmosphere. Breaking down the walls from the CEO to the newest member of your staff. 


CrossFit One Shot's functional fitness classes are led by an expert coach who has the ability to bring a high level of fitness to any Athlete. The classes will involve cardio, strength training, team building exercises, and other exercises that will bring camraderie among the employees. Our coaches have the ability to modify and scale all workouts to meet the needs of every individual, while providing the same measurable results. 


We are confident in our ability to bring our program to any environment. We have the capability to work around budgets and spacing issues. Our program is designed to change your employees lives, regardless of the venue. Our corporate wellness program has been delivered at our facility, in a park, and inside office spaces. 


- Fitness / Nutrition Challenges (Monthly)
- CrossFit One Shot Hosted Classes
- On-Site Classes (Your Business Location)
- Full-Time, On-Site Classes at CrossFit One Shot