• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • United States Marine
Chase Hyland

Growing up in Green Bay, it was inevitable I would become obsessed with football and succumb to the many outdoor activities afforded to me by living in Wisconsin.  As a boy and throughout my adolescent years, I played football and was an avid fisherman and hunter.  Aside from the aforementioned activities, I was always a thrill seeker, driving my mother crazy as I pursued individual activities such as rollerblading, skateboarding and snowboarding.  Following my graduation from West High School in 2006, I immediately embarked on my greatest challenge and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  While in the Marines, it was mandatory to maintain our physical standards, so I was always looking for a new fitness regimen that wasn’t overly mundane and would bore me.  Finally, my good friend Kevin introduced me to CrossFit prior to my second deployment to Afghanistan.  Needless to say, I was hooked and never looked back.  Once separated from the Marine Corps after eight years of honorable service, I came back home to Wisconsin and pursued my CrossFit Level 1 certification.  I was fortunate to eventually find CrossFit One Shot, an incredible CrossFit box, with an outstanding community and group of coaches.  Aside from CrossFit, I focus the majority of my time and attention on my four rugrats and student obligations at UWGB.

I CrossFit because...

First, CrossFit affords me to the opportunity to continually challenge myself both physically and mentally, allowing me to push beyond my threshold.  Sebsequently, CrossFit will humble you, forcing you to acknowledge personal weaknesses, which will ultimately make you a better athlete as you are compelled to increase focus on those weaknesses.  Secondly, the community aspect of CrossFit is second to none.  The friendly competition and mutual support between athletes creates an aspiring atmosphere.

I Coach because...

The personal satisfaction derived from propelling an athlete to surpass what they originally believed to be both mentally and physically impossible is the primary reason I pursued coaching.  Witnessing the small and incremental victories of an athlete is most gratifying, whether finally being able to squat below parallel, accomplishing their first muscle-up, or setting a new personal record in the Snatch.  All are equally important as together, we strive to improve upon ourselves both inside and outside the gym.  Concurrently, I truly believe a synergistic bond occurs between CrossFit coaches and athletes during training.  The camaraderie and connectedness achieved by pushing one another to our absolute capacity is rarely replicated in other facets of life.

My favorite "Cheat Meal" is...

Curry (preferably Indian or Thai) and any Blackrocks Brewery beer.