• RYT 200 (in process)
Dana Murray
Yoga Teacher
  • RYT 200 (in process)

I am known for my passion of living life to the fullest through positivity and strength. I enjoy making new friends and motivating others. Since experiencing a stroke a few years ago, I have really leaned on CrossFit to push myself to the next level. Adding Yoga to the mix has allowed me to focus on my form, work on my range of motion, and quiet my mind. The combination of the two practices keeps me feeling strong (inside and out) and so grateful for my body.

I CrossFit because...

it makes me feel confident!

I Coach because...

I enjoy helping others find their inner power!

My favorite "Cheat Meal" is...

Rustique Pizza

My secret "Ninja" exercise is...


My secret "Sucky" exercise is...