Quitting is Easy!
Posted 1 year ago

Quitting is EASY!” 

You have to imagine the goal that I set out to accomplish is something much bigger than me. This is something that I 100% believe is a really hard challenge for myself. That’s why I signed up for it. I didn’t sign up for it knowing it is going to be a walk in the park. I have been training for the past three months to build a strong base mileage. So I know that I can go out and run far if needed. As last week approached I started to fill my head with all kinds of negative thoughts. Here are a few…

“You can’t run 100 miles!” “You’re too big to run this far.” “How you’re running now, you’ll be kicked off the course way before the end anyways.” “You’ll Quit before the finish line.”

All of these are my thoughts, which have made me want to divert from the goal. They have made me question why the heck I would even want to do this thing. Last week after lots of self-doubt, lots of excuses, and lots of internal debate, I came up with a plan. Court and I sat down and figured out what the week would look like. Our weeks are packed with juggling our son Lleyton, balancing our coaching/business hours, and now my running schedule. We put on paper my running schedule. Once I saw it on paper, the doubt came back!

I decided to just start the first run. I was trying to divert my focus on the huge task at hand. I was trying to not think about the realization that I have to run 30 miles this week. I could’ve very easily given up before I even started. But that’s not why I started this journey.

So here I am two weeks into this journey. At the end of this week I will have already logged 69 miles. Within these two weeks, I’m already learning. I’m learning that it’s harder to keep going than quitting. Quitting is Easy! But quitting is not going to change your life. The moments where we are pushed beyond our physical and mental limitations are the moments where we learn about ourselves the most. The hard part about life is we are constantly faced with things beyond our control. But that doesn’t mean we get to quit on them. We tighten our shoes, we take a deep breath, and we tell ourselves we will make it through this. We will fight hard to come out on the other side, way stronger than we are now.

Fight hard and don’t quit, at whatever life challenges you’re facing right now!