12 Things You Didn't Know About Me - Andrea Kohne
Posted 1 year ago

1. I could give a 40 minute presentation on... children with absolutely no preparation.

2. The thing(s) I'd tell my younger self... don't be afraid to be you, have self confidence.

3. I strongly dislike... cleaning the shower!

4. I get really, really freaked by... bees.

5. The worst job I ever had... cleaning business bathrooms.

6. One of the best jobs I ever had was... being a mom.

7. My favorite workout song is... Thunder, Imagine Dragons.

8. My favorite movie... Tommy Boy.

9. The most amazing adventure I'd like to go on... travel to Costa Rica.

10. I am absolutely determined to.. Be the best version of me.

11. The person who inspires me to be better is.. Jack, my son.

12. If I could have one superpower... super speed.