Ian White (Part 2)
Posted 1 year ago

Fast forward ten months, to Ian's newest transformation! He's drank the CrossFit koolaid for an entire year and his lifestyle (and body!!!) transformation is off the hook.

Age: 39

How long you’ve CrossFitted for: 1 year

What got you started with CrossFit: An article on facebook

What were your thoughts after your first WOD? WTF was that. 

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit One Shot? Everyone involved. It's great.

How has CrossFit One Shot impacted your lifestyle? My eating habits have change. When I miss a class I feel bad.

If you could design your own workout for a day, what movements would it include? Power cleans, running or box jumps, wallballs and jump rope 

The CrossFit move I despise is ____squat snatch _____

If you could chose a song to listen to while working out, what song would you choose? Who made who, ACDC

Someone new coming to CrossFit, what would be your best piece of advice? It works be patient